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What we believe in

what we believe in

Transforming education through innovative and tech-driven teaching methodologies, thereby creating better future for our children.


Realizing the goal of making a nation, where Education with a good value system is accessible, affordable and inclusive.


Providing conducive environment for effective teaching to educators.

  • Quality over anything
  • Honesty and transparency with our students

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Our Teachers

Dolly Chandel

Dolly Chandel

B.Sc./M.Sc.(Panjab University)/Pursuing PhD(IIT Kanpur)

While being teary eyed due to my mother cutting onions, I always wondered why does it happen and that query was resolved in my high school when I learned about the chemicals and their interactions and led me to the path of research.
Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, interactions in the nature and even in our body. I, being a true chemist at heart, teach this subject in a way that lets student visualise every reaction and equation being taught. Providing a practical approach to any concept is a key to being a true researcher.
So, Join me at ‘The Basic One’ to explore all the unknowns scientifically.

Ajeet jaiswal

Ajeet Jaiswal

B.Tech / M.Tech (Machine Design N.I.T Kurukshetra)

Physics is nothing but a mathematical description of the nature’s phenomenon. This correlation between the two subjects has always captivated me and pushed me to dive deep into the world of Physics and Mathematics.
I teach these subjects in a way that explains every concept in relation to our daily life. This application approach let kids to enlarge their understanding of these subjects to an unimaginable level.
Are you here to be the next NEWTON?
Come with us to be one!

Kishmita Sharma

Kishmita Sharma

B.Sc. / M.Sc. (Botany from Panjab University)

What makes an Earth different from the other planets?
That’s right. Life!
Biology in its true sense is the study of life, and I teach it in a way that makes us feel more aware and connected with all the organisms in the world with the help of the illustrations with diagrams. ‘The Basic One’ is the perfect platform for me as it opts the right approach to teach this subject, with high quality graphics and plethora of examples to provide you a better understanding of the subject.
So, let’s learn more about all the life forms here in the best way possible.


Bhuvneshvari Upadhyaye


Science has always fascinated me and is all about knowing the unknown, through logical and systematic study. I, being a Science fanatic teach in a way that allows students to expand their mental horizons and bring an out-of-the-box approach for solving the questions.
‘Focus on basics’ is my motto. So, here I am at ‘The Basic One’ ready for you to embark on this journey with me to answer all your Hows and Whys!

Rohitash Nag

Rohitash Nag


Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas’. This quote by Albert Einstein sums up everything about this subject. Being always intrigued by Mathematics, I decided to choose ‘The Basic One’ platform that sees this subject as a science of numbers.
My teaching methodology involves flexible and fun ideas to teach mathematics, having multiple approaches to a question, focusing on application rather than rote learning. So,what are you waiting for? Let’s come and learn Mathematics in a fun way!

About Us

About Us

About Us

The Basic One is an online education platform for students of classes VI to X, which provides them with the best quality tech-driven education and one stop solution for building the concepts, comprehensive learning for kids to improve their knowledge and skill base for future endeavours.

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